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 books that should be or could be turned into movies

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PostSubject: Re: books that should be or could be turned into movies   Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:09 am

i'm currently Reading "From Potters Field' the 6th book in the Kay Scarpetta Series by Patrica Cornwell. having said that the 24th book comes out this year and i'm shocked that none of these books are turned into movies OR a tv show. i'd love for these books to be done right, and i'd also love if they are penned by the author as well. what i don't want them to do is the series there's a Serial Killer named "Temple Gault i think his name is?

anyways he's got a big part in 2 books and a cameo in another one. in short it's a 3 part trilogy of his particular character what i want them to do is if they do these films is to not kill his ass off untli they do all 3 books in order. i'd love for them to do all the books in order but i really doubt they will do that sadly. i have no idea who i'd want cast to be honest but i also haven't thought about it either.
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books that should be or could be turned into movies
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