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 My student film!

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PostSubject: My student film!   Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:53 am

Hi there Brad, and everyone here! I'm new to these forums and I'm sorry my first post is a shameless plug, but i've been a viewer for years and I do love the show, and this community (I've lurked here for a long time)

I am in desparate need of your help. I am currently campaigning to help raise funding for a short film that I am producing, writing, and directing. It is called “Claire”, a story where an anxious young man, Eric, finally has the courage to ask Claire, the waitress that works at the coffee shop he frequently visits when he learns that tonight is her last night on the job. She declines the date, but gives him the shock of a lifetime when he invites him to the hotel room she is staying at. As the night gets intimate between them, it is revealed to Eric that the relationship he wants from Claire is not going to be possible.

This film has a fantastic cast and crew onboard, and we are more than eager to film this project and share it to the internet. But we need your help. Making a short with the caliber we have in mind requires a modest budget to cover expenses like actor salaries, location & permit fees, catering, wardrobe, and marketing - a projected $2200. At the time of this posting, we have currently raised $130, but with only days before the deadline, it’s frankly not quite enough.

We need your donations if we want this film to be the best that it can, and by making enough of a splash by spreading this to all of our friends, family, acquaintances, loved ones, anybody and everybody within our social circles, we can do it.

Please help us by donating today on our IndieGoGo campaign! We are accepting donations as low as $10, but there are perks provided to those generous to contribute more, including DVD/BluRay hard copies of the film, signed posters, Oscar trophies with your name engraved on it, and even Executive Producer credits. Every little bit will help.

As well as donations, we also need your help to share this message to all your friends and family. Get them informed and encourage them to donate as well.

Many thanks to everybody, and please help in any way you can!

- Kris Russell

IndieGoGo link: w w w indiegogo.com/claireshortfilm?c=home
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My student film!
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