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 My own music...

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My own music... Empty
PostSubject: My own music...   My own music... EmptyMon Oct 01, 2012 3:16 am

I feel like I should show off my own musical material, if only because I like showing off my own musical material. I'm in three bands at the moment, each as the drummer, and each with mostly the same members, but all three in their own distinct style.

Firstly, Sorrowseed.


This is the main band. We play what I call melodic extreme metal, comprised of a mixture of black metal, gothic metal, and doom metal, with some other influences thrown in from time to time like thrash, traditional, and death metal. I didn't play on the band's first album, but we're in the middle of putting together a second one at the moment that'll hopefully be available in early 2013. We also have a music video for our song Ocean Scorn, which can be seen below.

Second, Pandora's Toybox.


This was the first band I joined that has actually done stuff. This band's style is what we call cynical circus rock, which I liken to a mixture of gothic rock, heavy metal, and a lot of comedy and absurdity. It's my "laid back" band, the kind where the music obviously has effort put into it but we're all just goofing around and being crazy. I played on the band's second album, entitled Bleakshow; more specifically I played on 6 of the album's 17 tracks (there's two other drummers on the album who took up the rest of them). This band has three music videos out, all of which are below. I'm the drummer in the third one

Lastly, Blacksoul Seraphim.


This one is the one I most recently became a part of. This band has the most "conventional" sound of the three, being a doom metal band. It's very atmospheric and ethereal, and while not minimalistic in the slightest isn't as generally busy as the other two bands. In keeping with the running gag here, I didn't play on this band's first album. That job was done by a drummer up around here named Clay Neely who normally drums in a very good stoner doom band called Black Pyramid. This band doesn't have a music video (yet), but the entire self-titled album is available for free on Soundcloud, so give that a listen if you like.


So yeah, that is my current musical workload. I hope you find something in all of them that you enjoy and do please let me know what you think of them.
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My own music...
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