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 Tokyo Jungle

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PostSubject: Tokyo Jungle   Tokyo Jungle EmptySat Sep 29, 2012 3:14 am

Has anyone downloaded this one yet? Its strangely satisfying. If you don't know...the premise is like the show "Life after People" but dealing with the animals we domesticated or kept in zoos. Humanity is gone, and Tokyo has become a jungle. I know this is more JewWario territory, shit he did review it a few months ago when it was released in Japan, now its in English and $15 on the PSN.

The main meat of the game is the survival mode, which is a lot like the infinite mode on Dead Rising on the Xbox 360, except you have to mate and keep your lineage going. In survival, you unlock parts of the story mode which follow specific animals, and some are well...silly, bringing about a dark humor about the game. One of the stories has you playing as a Beagle, and you have to overthrow an Alpha male, and he is decked out in Japanese emperor garb.

Has anyone had a chance to pick it up yet? I do wish it had a disc release, the Japanese artwork is oddly reminiscent of I am Legend.

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Tokyo Jungle
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