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 Oliver Stone's "W." Review

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PostSubject: Oliver Stone's "W." Review   Oliver Stone's "W." Review EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 1:15 am

I've just recently rented Oliver Stone's "W." from my local library.
Since Josh and Brad hasn't seen it yet, I would like to give my own personal review about it.
Josh Brolin played a good job as former US President George W. Bush.
It depicts his life from his fraternity days in collage to his decision to declare war on Iraq.
It shows how he went from being an rebellious alcoholic frat boy to a born-again Methodist.
The supporting cast to me are the one who stole the act from Brolin.
James Cromwell played as George H. W. Bush who political career as president involves his personal grudge against Saddam Hussein, the Gulf War and his failed re-election in 1992.
Jeffrey Wright played a powerful role as Secretary of State Collin Powell.
He's the only one with some sense of conscience when it comes to the decision on declaring war on Iraq.
Richard Dreyfuss also played a great role as Vice President Dick Cheney.
There was one scene where Cheney asks Bush about approving the intense interrogation methods on suspected terrorist and citizens.
Bush responds, "Reminds me of my fraternity days".
The plot is pretty good when it come to the personal life of President Bush.
It shows that his decision to declare war on Iraq is more about the Bush's life-long grudge against Saddam Hussein rather than looking for "weapons of mass destruction".
The film isn't as awesome as JFK, but it's still a great movie to watch than "Savages".
Whether we love him or hate him, the life of George W. Bush is a great way to make an Oliver Stone movie.
I'd give it 3 stars out of 4.
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Oliver Stone's "W." Review
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