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 Radiodrome Episode 18

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Radiodrome Episode 18 Empty
PostSubject: Radiodrome Episode 18   Radiodrome Episode 18 EmptyFri May 06, 2011 12:08 pm

I'm currently listening to the 18th episode and I should point a little additional info/opinions/etc to what the hosts have said:

* Stealth Pitch
Now that I've heard that Stealth is pitched as "Jaws as a X" idea. I thought the High Concept pitches died out during the nineties but is surprised that it's still going on.

* Playboy's Hardcore Tapes
I don't have these tapes but have something similar that I've found on the internet. One of them is from Hustler and it sucks because it's fully acted and phoney. I've also have a few 8-Track Porn tapes on MP3 and let's just say if this is what Porno actually sounded like back then (and I've seen Porn), Then it's not that X-Rated and more parody in today's standards. Trust Me, The sex acts is not well-acted (obviously).

That's all I could say here. Very Happy
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Radiodrome Episode 18
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