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 Shrek VHS!

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PostSubject: Re: Shrek VHS!   Shrek VHS! - Page 2 EmptyFri Feb 11, 2011 8:50 am

Tommy Wiseau wrote:
The Dude wrote:
Tommy Wiseau wrote:
The Dude wrote:
Tommy Wiseau wrote:
The Dude wrote:

...at the risk of being labeled a hipster, I find that there is a notable difference in sound quality.

There definitely is. It also tends to fit the sound of older music (pre-80s), if that makes any sense.
Like how watching certain movies on tape just feels right?

Exactly. I wouldn't want to listen to the Tron Legacy Soundtrack on vinyl, just like I wouldn't watch Speed Racer on VHS. Whereas, I'll gladly take Are You Experienced as a record, and I'll watch Halloween on tape.
I would still probably listen to tron: Legacy on vinyl, but I feel you regardless.

I meant probably something along those lines, something which would benefit from sounding clean.
No, I get where you're coming from, man.
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Shrek VHS!
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