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 Video links on the site

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Godfrey Ho

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PostSubject: Video links on the site   Video links on the site EmptyMon Jan 29, 2018 2:31 am

Hey there, I'd love to watch me some Stoned Gremlin movies but the links on the site aren't working anymore. Sad
Any chance of them being uploaded to the Youtube channel at some point?
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PostSubject: Re: Video links on the site   Video links on the site EmptyThu Feb 01, 2018 8:20 am

he was using Vidme and after they closed that last month Brad i don't think has gotten around to doing any of that. there are a shit ton of videos going back to his 1st snob video that no longer work anymore because of that. i wish he could find the time to fix those videos as some of them were broken as well. but than i dunno how busy he is or how much free time he does have to be fair
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Video links on the site
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