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 Brad talking about Depression and Suicide

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Brad talking about Depression and Suicide Empty
PostSubject: Brad talking about Depression and Suicide   Brad talking about Depression and Suicide EmptyFri Mar 25, 2016 5:08 am

So if you follow Brad on Twitter or YouTube you might have seen what he has shared with us lately:

If you haven't heard: He has gone through a breakup with his last girlfriend and is now dealing with it.
I guess this was the event "inspiring" him to this video.

What do you think?
Actually - in my opinion - it's a brave step forward to fans explaining depression in his life.
And personally I found it very inspiring and important. As one also suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts it's always good to hear from people I kinda admire that it's important to fight the illness and that people can't expect me to be better again if they tell me to (but to be honest, no one does).
So it was an uncomfortable video to sit through but still important to watch.

Sorry if I might sound not so smart here right now but it's late in the night and I'm tired Wink
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Brad talking about Depression and Suicide Empty
PostSubject: Re: Brad talking about Depression and Suicide   Brad talking about Depression and Suicide EmptySun Mar 27, 2016 5:00 am

i did watch that video. and i also suffer from depression but his is far far worse than mine is., and i said my say over there prolly gave people a headache with my long ass confession lol. yeah i do joke about it and i won't be repeating all that again once is enough i think. my confession was because to hopefully have Brad know that he's not alone in being being depressed and hopefully it helped him as well. we all have demons and some are worse than others. i've beaten a lot of my demons but i still have a lot of them to fight unfortunally.

i also think it was brave as fuck for him to come out and admit it to well the whole world that he he's i forget what you call it? and having your heart broke like he no doubt did doesn't help at all. i just hope that wasn't the reason she broke up with him. either way i hope you feel better man. so for those who choose to read it sorry for the long rant when it comes to certain shit i can go overboard especially when it comes to depression ya know?
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Brad talking about Depression and Suicide
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