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 "Fun in Balloon Land" Could Have Been MUCH Worse

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"Fun in Balloon Land" Could Have Been MUCH Worse Empty
PostSubject: "Fun in Balloon Land" Could Have Been MUCH Worse   "Fun in Balloon Land" Could Have Been MUCH Worse EmptyMon Oct 05, 2015 1:53 am

Upon doing a Google search for the "Giant Balloon Parades, Inc." responsible for the dreck of a film that is Fun in Balloon Land, I found an article regarding their running of a parade in Akron, Ohio.  As insufferable as that movie is, it would have been even worse had it been based off of this parade.


Some of the balloons from the flick are featured in this article as well, such as the tiger (or, as the article puts it, "one of the few fully inflated characters"), the Prince, Sleeping Beauty, and the stagecoach.  The whole thing was a mess due to weather and general incompetence, which seems par for the course when talking about the company that brought us one of the most terrifying children's films ever made...but perhaps half-slumped, depressing drudgery would have improved the film.  Is that even possible?

Or maybe it could have been any of the parades discussed in this article, the first of which was held on the day that JFK was fucking shot.


Okay, yeah, the movie could have definitely been worse.

Unlike Akron's mess, the Davenport, Iowa, parade went off much more smoothly, but it's hard to imagine anyone being amused when all they have in their heads is the audio of Walter Cronkite breaking composure on air.  Then they decided to make this day of depression an annual celebration, and two years later they were the lucky town to receive the world premiere...of Fun in Fucking Balloon Land.

Thanks a lot, Davenport. I'll flip you off the next time I pass by.
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"Fun in Balloon Land" Could Have Been MUCH Worse
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