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 Suspiria - The Cinema Snob 02/02/15

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Suspiria - The Cinema Snob 02/02/15 Empty
PostSubject: Suspiria - The Cinema Snob 02/02/15   Suspiria - The Cinema Snob 02/02/15 EmptyTue Feb 03, 2015 5:37 pm

Only about a week and a half ago I decided to check out some of CA's old talent.
I used to watch Spoony back in the 08/09 glory days, and got into watching Bennets
Anime Abandon for about 6 months before getting bored of it. Then I remembered
The Cinema Snob. A friend of mine from College also turned out to be a fan so we ended
up watching the Foreskin Gump instead of working. Then I watched Crusin 57' a couple Zombie
movie reviews and now Suspira. I gotta say Brad is just completely on top these days.

After 7 years you'd expect burnout but the Suspira episode is probably the best of his I've seen.
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Suspiria - The Cinema Snob 02/02/15
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