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 The Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher

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PostSubject: The Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher   The Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher EmptyMon Oct 06, 2014 6:20 am

Hey all,

I've been a fan of Cinema Snob for a long time. Since Spoony first hosted two of his videos, really. I've not interacted with the forums here much, though. I'm sorry if maybe this post is frowned upon, but I looked around and I didn't see anything about this so I am going by common sense policy here. I hope me talking about this movie, and thus bringing it to some peoples attention here, is ok being that my father was in it. I should say I had no involvement in it's making or whatever.

Earlier this year my father passed away. It's been rough on my family, but we do what we can to get on with life and stuff I guess- although I must admit I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It's a complicated thing.

My Father was in three films before passing away. They are all low budget slasher films, but the third was the most palatable for an audience in my opinion. The film was called The Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher and had a release on Amazon and some other places a couple weeks or so ago.

I know he's my father, so maybe my personal opinion of the film is skewed, but I just wanted to bring it to peoples attention. I feel, especially on this site, people may appreciate it. Or maybe they won't I don't know- I can't really guess how people will react to things it seems haha
I think it's the most interesting of the films my Dad was in being that it pays homage to 70s exploitation cinema (much like Quentin Tarantino's grindhouse homages) and most directly the subgenre of cannibal hillbillys.

I picked this trailer because I think it's my favorite. There are others out there, but I think some of them spoil too much of the movie. One or two are (possibly intentionally?) really odd in that they make the movie seem even worse than I think it is. Although that's really fine as it's in line with what the film is going for.

By the way, I know the trailer says coming soon, but it's actually out now.

My intent with this and other posts I have made on other sites (I always write one again, I'm not trying to spam the internet here) is to bring some attention to the best film my father made. It's my way of remembering him always. If the film ever garnered attention at all I don't think my father would care what the reputation of the film is, for the most part, as he didn't really seem to care about that stuff. In whatever way if people enjoy the film I think that's all that would matter to him. I only speak to what he said when we talked, though, I can't speak for him.

I personally enjoy it for what it is, and I'll be honest- some of the other stuff he was in I didn't really feel that way. With this film, however, I pushed for them to give it serious thought about being released officially with a distributor or whatever to get people to see it. I enjoyed it that much. So, maybe I'm just a fan with to close a relationship with the cast, but I think it's a good throw back to slasher films of the 70s and the crazy stuff those films did.

Check out the trailer if you want and see if it would interest you. I think it's a fun film... in that way that a decent slasher film can be fun.

Thanks for reading none-the-less. Cool
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The Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher
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