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 Your favorite TV Shows

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PostSubject: Your favorite TV Shows   Your favorite TV Shows EmptyWed Mar 05, 2014 4:43 pm

I'm surprised that I couldn't find a thread like this.

I wanna know: Which TV shows do you enjoy the most?

My answers will be short since I don't have so many TV shows I dig the crap out of them:

#1 Monty Python's Flying Circus
Definitely my favourite. It's been for years and it will ever be.
I even got to watch this in kindergarten age but I had to grow older to get the jokes better and better Wink
Anyway, I love MPFC for its many many great sketches, its talented and different actors, its British humour (of course), its crazy unique animations by Terry Gilliam, its intelligence, its creativity...the best thing Monty Python has ever brought to people (next to "Life of Brian", I think).

South Park
For personal reasons.
And I have to say that the last seasons lacked pretty much of good jokes and stories. So I admit that I'm a sucker for the first ten seasons or so.
I discovered the show in 1999 and was immediately hooked and faszinated. Adult cartoons like were very rare back then (if there were any besides "South Park" ) and I never saw anything like this. I enjoyed the stories of the given episodes and I still do. The stories were often timeless so you can pretty much watch the older seasons and their episodes nowadays without missing some background information. And the stories were often very clever and even intelligent. The cast is great and Trey and Matt ARE talented people.
The personal reasons are that I got to know my first real friends via "South Park" (more like via the first websites, discussion boards and chats about the show). I'm still friends with them. That's something!

Kalkofes Mattscheibe

It's a German show that mocks and imitates bad/trashy German television but in a clever man. One comedian, Oliver Kalkofe, shows the audience the original clip first (a scene out of reality TV, news, musical shows, political shows, religious shows, commercials, interviews, shopping channels and many more) and then disguises perfectly as the clip's involved person or people and mocks the content in his special way. It's a wonderful concept and great for anyone like me who stopped watching TV because of crappy programs.


This is a comedy show from Austria that no longer runs (1990-1998) but still has a place in my heart.
And the title says it all: the viewer gets bombarded by very short cuts of dialogues, monologues, bloopers, karaoke, sketches, jokes, stunts and so on and so on and so on....the cast is huge and the humour is so Austrian and random, it's such a joy to me Very Happy
However, I can't imagine that anyone not understanding German or even German with Austrian accent could keep up with this fast, random concept.

Other shows I enjoy a lot and collect are "Fawlty Towers", "Married...with Children", "That's my Bush" and "Mr. Bean" but also and mostly tons of cartoons like "The Simpsons", "Ren & Stimpy", "Beavis & Butthead", "Daria", "Looney Tunes", "Ducktales" and "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe".
Popular shows like "Doctor Who", "The Walking Dead", "How I met your mother", "Big Bang Theory", "Lost" or "Heroes" are so unknown to me. Sorry!

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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite TV Shows   Your favorite TV Shows EmptyWed Mar 05, 2014 10:37 pm

Some of my favorites -
SOUTH PARK (up to about season 13)
THE SIMPSONS (up to season 9)



Guilty pleasures:
PROJECT RUNWAY (before it moved to the Lifetime Channel)
Any cooking show

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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite TV Shows   Your favorite TV Shows EmptyFri Mar 07, 2014 5:30 am

I love:

South park
Beavis and butthead
Monty pythons flying circus
Family guy
Battlestar Galactica
Fawlty towers
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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite TV shows   Your favorite TV Shows EmptyWed Mar 12, 2014 8:08 am

Hrmmm, das is a toughie.  I'm really new to this independent TV-watching thing, so I'll list off what I can.

*In Process/I'm Behind:
*Archer- Probably the funniest show on television currently.
*Bates Motel- Solid thriller, Vera Farmiga and Max Thierot make the show.
*The Blacklist- Kneel before the almighty Spader!
*Breaking Bad- I am currently 4 episodes in to the first season and I love what I see.  
*Futurama- 7 episodes into first season, dear god I am slow.
*Game of Thrones- One season down, yay death and destruction!
*Hill Street Blues- Undeniable classic.
*Hannibal- I am really behind on this one, as I only saw the Pilot and loved it.  I'll catch up as soon as I make a dent in the rest of this list.
*MST3k- Snob actually introduced me to this show.  Still circulating the tapes, cuz I have yet to view an entire season's worth of riffs.
*MythBusters- The second best science show ever produced.
*The Sopranos- Never had premium channels, so I started watching this 3 months ago.
*Veronica Mars- Just started this one last week.  What if Rian Johnson had cast Buffy as the lead in BRICK?  I am a sucker for neo-noir.
*WKRP in Cincinnati- Classic sitcom shenanigans at my dream job.

Definite Faves:
BACCANO- My favorite anime, like if Pulp Fiction were rewritten as a Prohibition caper/murder mystery.
Batman The Animated Series- Redefined comic book culture from the 90's onward.
The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show- Love me some Peanuts!
MASH- Need I say anything?
Planet Earth- Classy, near-perfect nature documentary.
Rurouni Kenshin- Romantic samurai saga.
sealab 2021- Before Archer and Frisky Dingo, there was sealab 2021.
The Tonight Show- Specifically Johnny Carson and Jimmy Fallon.

Guilty Pleasures:
Bill Nye the Science Guy- Best Science Show Ever!
Celebrity Deathmatch- "...And remember, it's only clay."
Code Monkeys- Filthy-minded 8bit comedy.
Digimon- Better than Pokemon in my opinion.
Ouran High School Host Club- Yay, boarding school anime shenanigans.
The Unusuals- Offbeat cop show that was cancelled after one season.  Great character work and bipolar pathos make this a true guilty pleasure.

Anything not listed above, more than likely is something I have never viewed, [ie St Elsewhere, The Wire, Firefly, the list is endless...]
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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite TV Shows   Your favorite TV Shows EmptyThu Mar 13, 2014 12:03 am

Oh, I forgot:
BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and the JUSTICE LEAGUE series. Long live the Dini-verse!
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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite TV Shows   Your favorite TV Shows EmptyFri Mar 14, 2014 12:12 am

Not counting anime here, because that would be too friggin much.

Monty Python's flying circus
Fawlty Towers
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones
Twin Peaks
Stromberg (german)
Der letzte Bulle (german)
Kalkofes Mattscheibe (german)
Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs (technically anime, but it just has to be mentioned)
True Detective
The Sopranos
Batman - The Animated Series
Young Justice
Darkwing Duck
Hogan's Heroes

Next shows I'm going to watch are The Wire and House of Cards which I'm sure will end up on that list too.
Also watching Orange is the new Black right now and it's also good.
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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite TV Shows   Your favorite TV Shows EmptyFri Mar 14, 2014 2:12 am


Black Books
The Office (original)
Garth Marenghis Dark Place
The Simpsons (up until it started getting really shitty)
Arrested Development
Brass Eye
I'm Alan Partridge
The Young Ones
The Critic

General (includes drama, sci-fi, horror, fantasy; I couldn't be bothered to do separate categories for these since several span different genres):

The X-Files
Breaking Bad
Tales From The Crypt
Tales From The Darkside
Game of Thrones
Dexter (until the last few seasons)
Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Also I'll watch pretty much any documentary on nature, history, the universe etc, in fact documentaries are about the only thing I watch on actual TV any more. There's also a few anime series and dumb stuff like Saved By The Bell that I grew up watching and still love for nostalgic reasons.

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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite TV Shows   Your favorite TV Shows EmptyThu Sep 04, 2014 2:54 am

In no particular order since I am lazy:
Invader Zim
Babylon 5
Doctor Who
Mot I Brøstet (Norwegian sitcom)
Monty Python's Flying Circus
South Park
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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite TV Shows   Your favorite TV Shows EmptyWed Sep 10, 2014 6:36 pm

The ones I currently have on my watch (torrent) list

Walking Dead
Arrow (Soon to be Flash and Gotham)
Steven Universe
Adventure Time
Regular Show
Gravity Falls
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Yes, I watch the ding-dang show, I don't identify with these 'bronys' though... I'm with Max Gilardi on this one.)

Favorite shows based on genre (since the list would be too long for a top #, I'll give honorable mentions).

Crime/Procedural: Castle (Honorable Mentions- Burn Notice, Hannibal, Criminal Minds)
Sci-Fi/Superhero: Arrow (Honorable Mentions- Birds of Prey, Firefly, Doctor Who((Up to David Tennant’s departure)) )
Cartoon: Animaniacs (Honorable Mentions- Batman Animated, Steven Universe, Invader Zim, Gravity Falls, Ugly Americans)
Comedy: Spaced (Honorable Mentions- Archer, Black Books, Are You Being Served?, Red Dwarf)
Anime: Outlaw Star (Honorable Mentions- Trigun, .hack//sign, Escaflowne)
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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite TV Shows   Your favorite TV Shows EmptyWed Sep 10, 2014 10:12 pm

I've never been much of a tv person since it takes so long to complete a series with a continuous storyline, and I'm kinda impatient individual. That being said though, there are some shows I have enjoyed quite a lot:

The X-files
When this show was good, it was really good - mixing the best elements of sci-fi, horror, conspiracy theories and the 90's in one package. On the flip side though, when it was bad - it really brought us the worst aspects of all those things. Became really convoluted and dull towards the end when they apparently stopped caring and started to make shit up as they went along.

This was a show solely based on characters, with no real central storyline to move things forward. And man those characters were amazing. Each of them had a distinct personality and you always remembered each of them by name as soon as they were introduced. (With many modern shows you always keep asking yourself:"What was that character's name? Oh, right, it was xxx. What did he do again?) My personal favorites were probably Kareem Said and Ryan O'Reily, and who can forget Adebisi? Unfortunately this too got pretty ridiculous towards the end, and the ending itself was the most laughable tagged-on excuse for a finale I think I've ever seen.

The Simpsons
I mean, do I have to say more? Loved seasons 3-11, and from there on the quality started to drop slowly but surely. Which seems to be a common theme with the shows I watch. Although there have been some gems in the later seasons too, such as the one in season 20 where Homer becomes a bounty hunter.
Your favorite TV Shows 300px-The_Simpsons_Season_20_%282010%29_-_Clip_Sex%2C_pies_and_idiot_scrapes

South park
I can totally see why so many people despise this show, but I just can't help but love it. Sometimes it's needlessly crude and low brow, sure, but the combination of satire, outlandishness, ingenuity, shock value and just comedy in general is just perfect for me. When they succeed, it's just spectacular, but when they miss the mark, they can usually still somehow get away with it.

Breaking Bad
Oh man, what can I say that haven't already been said about it? just go see it if you haven't already. Bryan Cranston rules. Also I have to applaud them for not falling into the trap of "first couple of seasons were good but the rest was crap etc. etc." but delivering quality all the way through, and finishing while on top.

Ok, this is bit of a guilty pleasure, I admit, and certainly a product of the early 2000's and post 9/11 America. But c'mon, who can't find enjoyment watching Jack Bauer yelling and beating up terrorists?

Now, I've only seen the first two seasons, but I really loved those. I need to watch the rest some time in the future, but I've heard really bad things about the finale. Then again it's not like many other shows on my list are any better...

Twin Peaks
Pure Lynch. First half is absolutely brilliant, the second half - maybe not so brilliant, but good nonetheless. That finale though... perhaps the mother of all painfully unresolved cliffhangers?

Star Trek - The Next Generation
I've never really had any interest in Star Trek, and until last year, the only thing from the Trek franchise I had seen was the 2009 movie. But then I happened to catch few episodes of this on the late night TV, and started following it semi-regularly. Now I've seen something like 10-20 episodes of it, and I find it really intriguing. A bit cheesy, sure, but still intriguing.

Honorable mentions:

Knight Rider/ MacGyver
Long story short: Both are pure stupid 80's cheese, I watched both of them them as a kid, loved them back then, probably wouldn't hold up so well today Very Happy
Your favorite TV Shows Q1456A280643

Other than fiction:

I mean this never gets old. It really speaks to my inner nerd, as well as my inner pyromaniac.

Top Gear
And I mean the original, not the pathetic American version which I quit watching after 15 minutes. You just can't replace Clarkson, Hammond, and May. I can guarantee that even if you're not particularly interested in cars, you'll find entertainment value from this show.

Shows I need to watch in the future:

True detective

(there are so many more, but these came to mind on top of my head)

Well fuck me, that was a lot of rambling. Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite TV Shows   Your favorite TV Shows Empty

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Your favorite TV Shows
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