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 "Heroes of Cosplay" on SyFy

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"Heroes of Cosplay" on SyFy Empty
PostSubject: "Heroes of Cosplay" on SyFy   "Heroes of Cosplay" on SyFy EmptySun Sep 01, 2013 11:31 am

I watched the first 3 episodes of the new SyFy reality series "Heroes of Cosplay".
My girlfriend told me about this show & decided to watch it on-demand.
It features a group of cosplayers who compete at cash-prize competitions at various anime conventions.
They act like creating their own cosplay costumes is a full-time job & doing it just for the money.
Some even crack under pressure.
One of the judges is YaYa Han aka the "Ambassador of Cosplay".
She mentioned in one episode that a fat overweight person should not cosplay as certain characters.
This is something my girlfriend strongly disagrees with.
On the other hand, I really enjoyed looking at the cosplay costumes of convention attendees eventhough they only have 2 seconds of screen time.
As a fellow cosplayer & con-goer myself, I'd say give it a watch if you're interested.
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"Heroes of Cosplay" on SyFy Empty
PostSubject: Re: "Heroes of Cosplay" on SyFy   "Heroes of Cosplay" on SyFy EmptySat Sep 14, 2013 4:37 pm

Check out the Topless Robot article. Sums up basically what you said pretty well. Its called "Seven Reasons Why Heroes of Cosplay Is Terrible"

If you go to the site its probably at the top. If not just search for that title.

Disappointing that its so poorly done...
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"Heroes of Cosplay" on SyFy
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