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 The Cinema snob 2: Snobin' time.

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PostSubject: The Cinema snob 2: Snobin' time.   Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:27 am

Others have pichted their ideas for another cinema snob movie. And I want to do that too. Im drinking right now, by my self, which makes everything seem funny and logical. Here it goes.

THe Cinema snob 2: Snobin' time.

The year is 2012. The Snob gets a heart-attack when he hears that Krystal Kola will be foreever discontinued. But he survives. The Snob is addicted to Krystal Kola, therefore he needs to persuade the Kola Kompany to start making Krystal Kola again. The Reich-corporation has taken over the Kola Kompany via a hostile takeover and have destroyed the krystal kola formula. The Snob tries to go into the Kola Kompany and persuade them, but he is beaten up by the karate guards with swaztika arm bands. The Snob needs help! He asks the doc: Doctor Insano. The Doctor tells the snob about the soda-nazies, who seeks to take over the world by soda: mixing mind-control drugs into their sodas. Krystal Kola was the last pure soda, which could cure humanity.

There is only one man who can help the snob against karate nazies now! Pierre Kirby. Doctor Insano gives the snob his time machine. Which is a waffel-iron. The snob takes the waffel-iron-time-machine back to 1988. And the Pierre Kirby stock footage is easy to convince of coming to the future in order to fight soda nazies.

They travel through the waffel iron to 2012 (by jumping into it, and draging it with them through the dough-time portal). The Snob and Pierre Kirby easily beats the karate nazi guards and goes into the factory. In the factory the snob and pierre kirby meats the executive nazies. Who are cyborg-nazies, made of tin foil, and their leader: a Hitler-head in a jar on a gorilla body. The cyborg nazies are too great a match for pierre kirby and the snob. The snob throws the waffel iron at hitler, and then because of some sciensy explaination a time-explosion happens. And the snob gets pulled into a worm hole-thingee.

The Snob wakes up 40.000 years into the past. He meditates and eats turtles. He is haunted in his dreams by visions of an old man saying "walk the path of the waffel maker". The snob-skills of the snob makes the snob able of creating a waffel iron out of stone, cactus and turtle testicles. But it still dosent work until he says: "I am the waffel maker" and he gets hit by lightning.

Now he is back in 2012. But an alternative 2012. Now suddenly there are nazies and swastika flags everywhere. And then he sees a poster of the new Führer: Pierre Kirby. The snob now has to confront Führer Pierre Kirby at his lair (the snobs' house). Pierre Kirby's evil stock footage is hostile towards the snob, and the snob has to shot Pierre Kirby in the back (as in that pierre kirby movie, in which he was evil). Haunted by the horrors of killing his great idol, the snob tries to kill him self.

He wakes up in his bed. Walks out into the bathroom. He looks in the mirror. He is Jerrid Foiles!! He goes ape-shit!!
The snob wakes up, it was all a bad dream. It is morning. He walks out the door. And the apocalypse has started. And a cyborg-faun (Josh Hadley) walks up and says: "Your medling with the space time continuuum has resulted in Lord Balse-Bubs return and 5000 years of darkness. I will now feast on your fless, and the rape your bones..."

The End
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PostSubject: Re: The Cinema snob 2: Snobin' time.   Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:19 pm

Sarah Lewis needs a bigger part. She is fap-tastic.
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The Cinema snob 2: Snobin' time.
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