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 Danish Report Says Child Abuse In Cartoons & Comics "Harmless"

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PostSubject: Danish Report Says Child Abuse In Cartoons & Comics "Harmless"   Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:20 am

A scientific report in Denmark has been released saying the cartoons & comic with child abuse (such as Lolicon and Shotacon mangas from Japan) is "harmless" and does not cause someone to commit crime against children after reading them.
I am a member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (a free speech group that defend court cases involving comics).
I e-mailed the news of the Danish report to them and they posted it on their site.
They even mentioned and thanked me for helping them become aware of this important news.
I feel like a real-life superhero.
Help spread the word of artistic free speech.
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Danish Report Says Child Abuse In Cartoons & Comics "Harmless"
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