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 Idea for another Cinema Snob Movie...

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PostSubject: Idea for another Cinema Snob Movie...   Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:33 am

Very Happy Sometimes you just get good ideas. Sometimes you share them. Here's mine.

I'm a long time fan of the site, been watching since it started. I'm sure that Snob (Brad) has had plenty of crazy fans/and or weirdos that try to get in touch with him personally for whatever reason. This would make the perfect premise for another Cinema snob movie. Rather than show him trying to get the funding for a movie, why not go meta (in the vein of newer movies) and make a movie that is about a deranged commenter who tries to usurp the show, his wife and eventually his life. A story like this could incorporate elements from both classic horror flicks as well as the best of the new (or worst.)

for example...

It all starts with a phone call...the phone keeps ringing until Jillian walks in and answers it. it's a blurry shot of her torso until she comes into focus next to the phone. She picks up the reciever. "Hello....?" cut to a closeup of a mouth. the gender and identity are impossible to identify. cut back to Jillian. " What the hell...?" A raspy but strangely entrancing voice speaks over the earpiece "Hell is exactly where you're going....." She gasps, "what?" it comes out like a sqeak... the voice continues... "I'll see you soon." -click- shot of phone dropping. fade to black.

Jillian is too scared to say anything when she walks back into the living room. Brad/Snob is sitting there watching a movie. looks like they both were, that is, until the phone interrupted. She sits down and he pauses the film. He pulls out his laptop and shows her an email he's received.

Turns out there's a movie so rare and controversial that there is only ONE copy. Perhaps they claim it to be an actual snuff film, or a copy of "blood circus". Brad believes it, and in spite of his wife's protests agrees to meet the person at an undisclosed location...or maybe a dairy queen. Who knows? The location is not important. What is important is that when he gets there, he is ambushed and stabbed (shot, tied up, whatever.) He is then held captive in a warehouse with a camera that constantly broadcasts on the stalker's website.

The stalker dons an outfit just like his and then begins to kidnap, or kill his friends in an attempt to collect the cast of The Cinema Snob and create his own show. In my head there is a scene where he (or she, I'll get to that later) breaks into Snob's house and sits down in the recliner. With an evil grin they say the line "I think I'm gonna like it here..." Cue the theme song. Along the way, homages could be integrated seamlessly into the action. Perhaps someone asks him, "what are you looking for? A gun?" and he would reply "no, a drill...". Boom! Driller Killer and Sleepaway Camp references...Two for one special. In the film's climax the serial snob (ooooh, I like it.) has assembled the survivors in the living room set for the ultimate snob episode. Jillian cooperates after seeing the live stream of Brad near death in the warehouse. He binds them and forces them to watch every bad movie in snob's collection while commenting on them ala Mst3k. the penalty for not doing so comes in the form of torture (like Mother's Day.)

In film "b" (just kidding) Brad is shown escaping, and making his way back. Along the way he digs for clues to find out who did this to him. He also finds the corpses of the unlucky few that didn't make the final cut.

Eventually, Jillian would check the Cinema Stalker's website to see that somehow brad has escaped. playing it cool, she hides and calls his cell phone. unfortunately, the stalker has that too and catches her. Right as He is about to murder her for her deception, a bloody and starved brad shows up to save the day. The killer's true identity would be revealed as being a completely insane Jerrid, or even a woman! ( or that Jerrid is the killer AND A WOMAN!!!!! duh duh duh...)

the film could be done as a straight black comedy, or even through demented clips that the stalker is making. Perhaps a blend of the two which would capture the feeling of the show as well as lampooning internet culture as a whole. I know this will never happen, and will be called stupid but hey....at least I shared. Twisted Evil

Oh yeah. After the credits, if the killer is Jerrid, there is another scene where everything's back to normal. Jillian and brad are sitting there watching a movie and then it cuts to a POV of someone watching them from behind. There's a knock at the door and then in walks Jerrid with a big smile. Jillian asks "Didn't you JUST try to kill everyone last week?" there is a moment of silence. He replies "Yeah, but im all better now." freeze frame on his demented smile and then cut to black.

afro TonE afro

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Frank Rizzo


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PostSubject: Re: Idea for another Cinema Snob Movie...   Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:00 pm

Given *all* that's happened to Team Snob these last several months....I'm gonna just say something like this will not happen....nice idea and all, but won't happen.
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PostSubject: Re: Idea for another Cinema Snob Movie...   Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:47 am

I think brad has lived the crazy stalker thing before....for a week when he was getting those packages, with the last one containing guys gone wild.
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PostSubject: Re: Idea for another Cinema Snob Movie...   Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:27 am

As i said, i wrote this with the knowledge that it was most likely not even going to be completely read by anyone. Still, i love to write and it was a fun idea that was fun to write. I also said Im sure he had stalkers. That's the concept.
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PostSubject: Re: Idea for another Cinema Snob Movie...   

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Idea for another Cinema Snob Movie...
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