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 Crossover: The Best Idea

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Carver van Horror

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PostSubject: Crossover: The Best Idea   Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:18 am

Well, I think its no secret that the movies Brad reviews are worse than the movies reviewed by the other TGWTG critics. Arguably, some crazy motherfuckers like us may enjoy them more, but, really, as bad as something like the Unborn or Bio-Dome is, they are at least better than some of the stuff Brad reviews.

Now, I don't know how big a fan of crossovers people here are, I know I'm not the biggest fan myself, but I thought it'd be funny if......

I got this idea during the commentary for the Leprechaun Snob/NC teamup (convenient they both live in the most generic state): Brad says, "I don't what the fuck my character is so upset about, this is probably the best movie he's ever seen" or something like that.

So I thought it'd be funny if he did a crossover, and actually said, "This movies awesome! Look, the words line up with the mouths" and other such things. And the other reviewer would just jaw drop and be "What the fuck? This is shit." And then they would challenge each other to review a movie that the other person usually reviews (i.e., if this crossover was with NC, Brad would review some nostalgic film, and NC would review an exploitation; if it was with Phelous (my first choice, incidentally), Brad would reveiw some shitty modern horror, and Phelous would review an extremely obscure and shit exploitation (I imagine he knows a decent bit about these films); and son on.

And the other reviewer would watch like 5 minutes of the exploitaiton film, and just give up, and could not take it, and eagerly go back to their job.

And the Snob, having seen nothing but shit for so long, would forget what ACTUAL good movies are like, and just compliment the (shitty) film he was reviewing, and consider it his favorite movie, and not want to go back.

I dunno seems like a good idea to me
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Frank Rizzo


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PostSubject: Re: Crossover: The Best Idea   Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:30 pm

So basically Brad would review a modern horror film?

If you wanna get technical, he does this as himself.
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Carver van Horror

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PostSubject: Re: Crossover: The Best Idea   Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:25 am


It wouldn't have to be a modern horror film, that would only be if it was done with, say, Phelous. It could be a 80s/90s film (if he did it with Nostalgia Critic). It could be a girl movie (if he did it with the Chick). It could a shitty modern movie (if he did it with Film Brain). It could be some random movie picked at random (if he did it with Spoony).

"Brad Jones" would not be reviewing the movie. The Cinema Snob would be reviewing it, as the Snob. The character would be reviewing it. The character who has spent so much time watching exploitation films, and not anything else, he has forgotten good movies. So that, to him, even the shitty ones (be it Airborne, or Twilight, or whatever) seem like Citizen Kane.

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PostSubject: Re: Crossover: The Best Idea   

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Crossover: The Best Idea
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