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 You Don't Know Jack!

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PostSubject: You Don't Know Jack!   Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:52 am

Anyone else remember this series of quirky trivia games from the late 90's? Well, they just released a new one on consoles and PC.I picked it up for $20 on Steam recently, and it's a lot of fun just like the classic CD-ROM ones.

Gameplay wise, it's about how I remember the originals. The games are a lot shorter, though, with only 10 questions before the Jack Attack. They've changed how multiple players answer, though. Instead of buzzing in, each player enters an answer and is scored by correctness and how quickly they answered. The variety of question types seems scaled down from the older games, but you still get the same kind of humor as before, but with more modern pop culture allusions.

What sucks though is that the PC version is stripped down significantly compared to the consoles ones. This is mostly due to the new play style where players don't buzz in. I guess they couldn't figure out a logical way to have 3 players use a single keyboard for this, so the PC version only allows 2 players. It also lacks online play. When asked about this, apparently the official response from the game's makers was "Aren't PC gamers too fat to fit more then 2 of them around a keyboard?" But at least the PC version can be had for half has much through Steam, so...

It's still a lot of fun, though. The snaky, strange sense of humor from the old games is back in full force, and the questions are still legitimately challenging at times. I'd recommend it, especially if you were a fan of the original games.
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PostSubject: Re: You Don't Know Jack!   Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:57 am

Huge fan of the series here! Right now I'm playing lots of Volume 3 and the Movie edition, since Cookie is the host.
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You Don't Know Jack!
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