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 Cannibal Ferox

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PostSubject: Cannibal Ferox   Cannibal Ferox EmptyThu Feb 08, 2018 6:18 am

This review is missing on both the youtube account and the website; better do something about that before some nefarious re-uploader steals all your views!

I wanted to comment on it after discovering that the Laserdisc release came with a barf bag. Not because of the gore, but because the movie is really bad. Years ago I read a detailed analysis by Lloyd Kaufmann (yes, THAT Lloyd Kaufmann) about Cannibal Holocaust and how the real animal deaths are used as a bit of fiendish subterfuge to condition the audience into thinking what they see on the screen is real, so the acts beyond animal cruelty appears real as well. Cannibal Ferox in the other hand manages to accomplish the exact opposite by showing a guy eat the most fake looking goddamn butterfly ever, thus estabishing in the minds of the audience that everything they see is fake.
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PostSubject: Re: Cannibal Ferox   Cannibal Ferox EmptySat Feb 10, 2018 5:54 am

if you forgot Vidme closed down in Dec. so brad hasn't gotten around to upload his old videos again. as for the film i've never seen it actually,. also many people upload his videos anyways
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Cannibal Ferox
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