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PostSubject: New to This Forum   Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:04 am

Pretty new to this forum, I will go ahead and introduce myself.

Hi, I am Zach Goodwin. I am from Alabama and I am in college to create low-budget motion pictures. I made a fool out of myself on the internet like anyone else has, but learned from it, and learned that it did not matter in the end.

Like Cinema Snob, I have been through my ups and downs in filmmaking.

For starters, my old low budget film that was this science fiction epic that still is medicore, used to look like "The Crow", except worse. It was too far back and way too obscure to remember. In fact, I remember in high school before college I used to email guys like Lewis and Doug constantly about this science fiction motion picture screenplay idea, I was a nuisennece. Still am that weird and odd to people. I am sort of a pessimist, but I think giving it time, it will change to optimism. Christian southerners may get a lot of hate here, but it will clear up. Alabama by the way.

I did learn from all of that obscure writing how to be more plain and clear, but it took me a while to learn how to be that. Still am writing science fiction films and still making a fool out of myself everyday. Trying to learn the most I can out of it so that I can make less of a fool out of myself.

From making a fool out of myself on filmmaking and game creating forums as a kid, I learned how to light properly and how to modify a DSLR that I got for my birthday in high school. Yes, I can tell those on this site just prefer something like, "When is the Cinema Snob going to review a new VHS film and why does this not relate?" well Cinema Snob and I are low budget filmmakers (micro budget actually).  I also learned how to be less of an annoyance.

Anyway, I got this T2i and learned from countless amounts of forums on how to hack and modify it and various ways of customizing the rig of it to where it could be on the same level of a cinematic camera. The guys are in the age of using a 4k resolution (above HD resolution, like Blu-Ray resolution) Sony A7s mark II, while I still am with my Canon T2i from high school. Learned how to get the wide screen look you would see in films like "The Dark Knight". That wide screen look with the black bars in our world is considered anamorphic, it is very hard to get. Basically what you need is a vintage lens. I decided to go with an Iscorama 36, and attach it with a custom mount. Very easy now for me to get that look. I could go into detail on how to modify a DSLR, but I would have to plan it accordingly and get it well edited as my previous ones have been kind of dumb to watch in the past.

Really, my old videos were by far the worst in the past. I used to just grab my flip cam, cell-phone, and my DSLR and just film whatever I could think of inside my house. Right now I am close to my 22nd birthday and have bought whiskey already before. Trying to think of the best and hope for the best. Anyway, I'm glad to read up on this site and watch the reviews and hope the most out of Cinema Snob. Please have no alarm as I am only a talkative weirdo. Thanks for taking the time to read this introduction,

Zach Goodwin

I really am very talkative, I am a guy, but at times I talk too much to the point that a group of talking teenage girls seems very little to my amount. It is usually because I do not know the one or two words that could condense it down, so it takes me about 50 words to describe one word that has the exact same feeling, either that or I reword an entire paragraph to add a new point to it.

Oh and I have seen worst types of hate before. Mean I can remember 4chan, Reddit, Enclyopedia Dramatica, and several other types of sites that have had worse types of hate and criticism. Perhaps this site is a bit like those, but it does not matter. Going back to that science fiction film, the real reason why I wanted to make it in the first place was so that it was like "Halo" and "Gears of War" except as a motion picture.

Yeah. Honestly however, it could have been much worse had I not noticed these reviewers from the beginning. Much, much, and much more worse. And no I am not an alcoholic or someone on drugs. And yeah, insert senpai joke. To the person who makes those types of comments, please do not become that insensitively bitterly cloud-minded and literal in communication. I would much rather prefer it if things do not get that politically correct and blown out of proportion. Again above, I have dealt with much worse criticisms on myself.

If you feel like calling me out as delusional idiotic closeted white trash, go ahead. Being called that is very frustrating, annoying, and false. It is difficult to cope with that told, but you can say that. It also does not surprise me if you get approval to call me out as that.

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New to This Forum
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