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 "Son of Sleepaway Camp" MOD DVD-R available

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PostSubject: "Son of Sleepaway Camp" MOD DVD-R available   Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:41 am

Found out about this on the SLEEPAWAY CAMP FILMS facebook page. No special features.



Quote :
Despite some horrific warning signs, a greedy land developer opens a campground to the public... and sets the stage for a bloodbath.

Whatever it is that stalks the camp kills with the strength of some powerful beast, and with the cunning and vengeful hatred of a human. The most experienced campers don't know the law of the land and their ignorance is no excuse - because the killer will not forgive, forget, or bury the hatchet - except in someone's chest! Who or what is... the Son of Sleepaway Camp?

the guy posted these pics

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"Son of Sleepaway Camp" MOD DVD-R available
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